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Inspired by Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, Pontius Paiva writes fictional short stories designed around thought provoking concepts involving the bizarre and the fantastic.

Pontius was born, raised, and currently resides on The Big Island of Hawaii. He graduated from Honoka'a High School, marking the end of his formal education.

Uninterested in traditional classroom-education, he chose to pursue venues where he was allowed to express his creativity freely. Over the years, he has supported himself as a guitarist and lead vocalist for several rock, punk, and metal bands, as well as a tattoo artist, web designer, and artisan woodworker.

His writing has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, 121 Words, 101 words, and 50-Word Stories. His work has also been published in Arabic, as part of an anthology which title translates to: The Man Who Loves to Hug. It is currently participating in the Alexandria Book Fair, in Egypt. It will soon be provided in bookstores in the Middle East and continue to participate in book fairs in the area.

Pontius is currently developing DoomsDaisy, an interactive fiction video game novel. For more on Pontius Paiva and his writing, browse his bibliography or visit his blog. Be among the first to read his latest stories by following him on Twitter.


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